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my boyfriend is dragging me to go see oculus I don’t wanna see it help

Tell him you want to go see Captain America (to cry over Bucky Barnes).

he’s laying down and i just asked him “baby can we go see captain america” and he didn’t even lift his head from the pillow and just says “tia we’ve seen it five times already” wow rude bye

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Daddy’s here, baby girl.

perfect description of dd/lg
little girls are not helpless. but they need a place to recharge & feel safe

Oh god, this is perfect! I swear this is the best way to describe how I feel about being around
. Remember how I used to say that I feel differently around you, like my battery is charged?

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Maybe in their world, they will never kiss; never touch each other more than hands on the face, a lingering hug or a comforting palm on the shoulder. Maybe they will never feel the other’s hands move across the planes of each other’s skin. Maybe they will never make love to each other for the first time, two souls finally joining as one. Maybe they will never even admit to being in love with one another, or maybe they will and it will be too late. 

Maybe they will and maybe they won’t, we don’t know yet.

Whether Dean Winchester and Castiel ever become explicitly in love with each other on Supernatural, there are thousands of universes that they do and are in love with each other.

Dean and Cas meet in coffeeshops, at college, at the fucking grocery store, in libraries, in the ocean, in a church, in high school. They find each other in nearly every place imaginable. They admit their love to each other, sometimes as a human and an angel, sometimes as two humans, sometimes as completely different species entirely.

They have hardships, they fight and yell at each other and have glorious make-up sex. They kiss each other slowly and passionately in the rain, in the snow, beneath the setting sun and on the beach of an ocean that crashes with “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Even if in our universe Dean and Cas don’t get the ending they deserve, in countless universes they do.

They are happy, they are alive and they are in love. 

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Anonymous asked: How do you ( being a DD) handle periods with your Little girl?


Well, certainly you build her up just like any other time of the month. Here is what I do.

Most women have a high level of anxiety about their periods. They don’t want anyone to see their tampons or see the blood. Our society has falsely taught women that there is something wrong and shameful about them when they are menstruating.

Your job, as the Dom, is to unravel all of that bullshit and allow her to accept herself fully during that time.

Here is what I do…

I have no qualms fingering her, fucking her or giving her oral while she is on her period.

After giving her oral, she usually, at some time once her comfort level gets to a certain point, she will kiss you. It will be in gratitude and it will be a sign that she finally accepts herself as you have accepted her. For me, it has been some of the most romantic AND animalistic kissing I have every experienced. So damn hot. You will both be a mess, but at least you both will be smiling.

It is like when I climax in her mouth and then kiss her hard. Or if a little bit of my cum ends up on her face, I lick it off and share it with her.

If you feel sex is dirty, then make it as dirty as you can imagine!

The other thing I do is change out all the linens and towels for black ones (Rit Dye is your friend) so she doesn’t feel like she just created a murder scene on the bed. Out of sight is out of mind. It frees her to make a mess and enjoy herself without worrying about all the misogynistic programming she has endured to make her hate herself when she menstruates.

Also after sex, but before we go shower, I take my fingers and play with her pussy to get them bloody. Then I take the blood and paint on her tummy. I’ll paint hearts, kittens and giraffes. It makes for an opportunity for her to experience blood play without the usual blades, cuts and scars.

I also use an iPhone app to track her periods, it is one of my kinks.

The last thing I do is I change her tampon. Not only is it VERY intimate, but it shows her how much you love her and that SHE IS NOT HER PERIOD. It is just a thing that happens once a month. I have often written about how bonding grooming each other can be, this is just one of the things you can do to build trust.

Hope this helps.


Sterek AU: Now that he and Stiles are finally together, Derek is trying out a new policy of openness and honesty. In the future though, he might want to be a little more careful about who he’s open and honest with. Apparently Stiles hadn’t quite gotten around to telling the sheriff that they were dating.

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